This poem by Andrea Fellini and Pete Armetta is amazing. I had to share it. Enjoy!

Andrea' Fellini's ...


What good is a writer?
If he can’t fight. Strife. Define.
Help to underline the intrigues of a beautiful life.
If he can’t hide. Confide. Defy
The Imaginations we have lost while punctuating our archives.

What good is a writer?
If he can’t share. Be clear. Declare
The injustices within so the world beware.
If he can’t turn. Reform. And warn.
So we get a better truth so loud that we trigger the norm.

What good is a writer?
If he can’t maim. Tame. Maintain.
The rational debates that solicits our brain.
If he can’t curb. Curve. Love.
Paint a picture so delicate like the feathers of a dove.

What good is a writer?
If he can’t taunt. Scorn. And burn.
Deliver to virgin ears the rawness without censoring cunt.
If he can’t see. Receive. Perceive.
The agony of weeds surrounded by the trees.

What good is a writer?

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