think vs say


The lifeblood of imagination.

I like to ask myself the questions “What if?”, “Why?”, and “Why not?”.

I like to think about things, what makes things what they are, life, love, death, shadows, light, basic forces of nature.

I think about everything I can think of.

Even if I seem to, I don’t take anything at face value.


dream quotes image


The deep REM sleep dreams and nightmares –

– creations bubbling up from my subconscious.

The wide awake  day-dreams –

– the thoughts I can’t get rid of, that keep coming back to me.

Dreams of changing the world, dreams of a better life, dreams of simply doing what I love and sharing it with those who will appreciate it.


hope-balloon-small-girl -


Sometimes, it’s all one has, the only reason to bother to keep breathing. Hopes are often inspired by dreams.

Hope is primal, fundamental. Hope inspires heart, mind, and soul.

Hope inspires action, it’s why I often open my notebook and pull out my pen, even though I don’t know what I will be writing.




What do I want out of life?

What do I want to avoid?

Hopes help define ones’ wishes, but wishes are more specific for me. Something I desire, something I long for.

Something thought about when I’m lying in bed, waiting for sleep to take over, something I dream about after it does.


memory - Dr. Seuss-quotes




The good old days.

The experiences that helped make me who I am today, and the ones that will help make me who I will be tomorrow.

Mistakes that I (hopefully) learn from,

stories that make me laugh,

cherished moments I keep close to my heart.

Sometimes all three at once.




15 thoughts on “unremarkable me

  1. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors of 2013! Never give up your writing! Never lose hope. I have faith in you. We all have faith in you. Now, it’s your turn to have faith in yourself. Take care.


  2. It’s almost November! We’re starting to put together the roster for 2017 Peppers, and since I’m not in charge of that part this year, I don’t know if you’ve already signed up, but we’d love to have you on the team again. Sign ups are at Shree’s place this year: (Sorry for the copy-n-paste nature of this nag. I’m sure I’ll be bugging you and the mrs about it individually too, haha!)


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