Who gets to decide how much you get paid to do the job you do?

Generally speaking, your boss, or their boss, or the board of directors and CEO of the company you work for.

In other words, the people you work for decide how much they are going to pay you.

Sure, you can decide you aren’t getting paid enough and try to negotiate, but in the end, your choices are to do the job and get paid what they tell you they’re going to pay you, or not do the job and not get paid.

That’s it.

For most people.

Some people, a select few, get to decide how much they get paid. They get to decide if they get a raise or not, and how much.


Sure, there are rules on what they can get paid and how raises work for them.

Guess who wrote those rules?

That’s right. Politicians.

Guess who is in charge of maintaining and updating those rules?

Right again. Politicians.

Personally, I think this is the wrong way to do things. Politicians should not get to decide how much they get paid.

I have two ideas on how their pay system could work.

The first one if fairly simple. Let the people they work for decide how much they get paid. Who do they work for? The American people. Specifically, the people living in the district that they are supposed to be representing.

When it comes time to vote, the people can vote on how much their representatives get paid. Say there are 5 choices: the current salary, with 2 choices above and 2 choices below that current figure. And the people get to decide.

My second idea is a little more complicated. Politicians are supposed to be public servants, right? They serve the public.

Who else serves the public? Servers. Waitresses and waiters.

So we should pay our public servers the same way we pay our restaurant servers.

Politicians get paid, like $2.50 an hour (and only for time they are actually working, not campaigning or traveling or anything else), and then they get tips. Their constituents are asked, say on a monthly basis, how much they want to tip their public servant. And that’s how much they get paid. Oh, and only private individuals living in their district can tip. Not businesses or corporations.

And this brings me to another point. Campaign donations. Personally, I feel that a politician should only be able receive campaign donations from private individuals living in the district that they are running to represent. No businesses or corporations.

Sure the rich businesses owners and CEOs could still donate a lot, but only for politicians running in their personal district, and they wouldn’t be able to deduct those donations from their taxes as a business expense.

But, even if 99% of the United States of America agreed with me, or with some other similar idea of how politicians should be paid, it won’t matter.

Because the people aren’t in charge of how politicians get paid.

The politicians are. And why would they decide to change the rules so they have less power?

People get paid by those they work for. And who pays politicians? Mostly, the politicians and corporations pay the politicians.

Why would they work for the American people, when the American people don’t pay them?


2 thoughts on “a political rant

  1. What I like most about these ideas for the politicians is that there are alternate realities in the infinite number of universes out there where these ideas are actually taking place right now. So even if we don’t get to experience your suggestions, by actually suggesting them then someone else actually follows through with this. Just not us. I’ve no idea whether that helps or not. Or even makes sense. In all seriousness though, it is the ideas like this that make the most sense that people will fight the most to not allow to happen because of the very notion that they will lose money, power and/or control.

    We all want freedom but also a lot of us will accept oppression to give our lives the luxury of simplicity over having to make complicated choices and as a consequence, we damn the rest of the human race by our actions. And the irony is not lost on me that I am primarily an inspirational poet, although when it comes to politics, if we don’t fight for what is best for us, there is little inspirational material to be found in this arena when it mostly encompasses apathy, corruption and greed on a daily basis.

    Good to end on a positive note(!) but I figure there are always tides turning and some political battles are constantly worth fighting for, if we are ever to eventually better the lives of ourselves and others.

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